Cryptic Escape

Operation Mindfall – Outdoor Game

Norwich outdoor mystery game
Operation Mindfall


Game Location

Augustine Steward House
14 Tombland

Operation Mindfall is an outdoor adventure that blends elements of escape rooms, geocaching, scavenger hunts, virtual mini-games and augmented reality, into one experience.

Armed with an iPad and an Action Pack full of gadgets You and your team of covert operatives have two hours to stop a shadow organization named Spider Tech, from activating a virus that infects the human brain. Still dormant, the virus is only waiting for a simple electronic signal to take control of the population. The virus will give them full control over every infected victim’s mind.

Your mission will be to prevent the spread of the virus by pouring the anti-virus into Norwich’s water supply and finding Spider Tech’s server room to prevent the diffusion of the electronic signal. To do this, you will have to follow the different hints left by a former Spider Tech scientist, Dr Bergmann.

Will you and your team be able to find the clues that are hidden throughout the city and stop the activation of the virus?

It is recommended your group dress appropriately, including comfortable footwear, and coats/jackets etc if necessary.

120 minutes