Cryptic Escape

Mafia Robbery

Mafia Robbery


Game Location

3rd Floor, Rose Lane Multi Storey Car Park


Beyond tourist appeals and beautiful views, Palermo, Sicily is also home to a few dubious business men who make their fortunes by draining others of theirs. With a net worth running into millions of dollars, they grow paranoid and have large safes and digital vaults in their houses, to hide and protect their money, since banks cannot be trusted.

You and your associates have received Intel from a reliable inside source about one of these filthy rich men- Giuseppe Aguero. Born and bred in Italy, Giuseppe has a hand all manners of unsavoury business, and diverting most of his funds into his offshore accounts. According to your inside source – he has a vault in his office which contains a digital server with access to monies he has stashed of approximately $1,000,000 . Your mission is to download as much of the funds as possible and get out of there undetected.

You have to be careful, Giuseppe’s house has security, and even when he is out, his mother is known to often remain present in the house. According to your source, you will need to access the house from the alley. Once inside, you need to access the office and somehow get past the recognition surveillance system to access the vault. There may be other state of the art security systems on the way.

You have approximately one hour before Giuseppe is due to return from a local cartel meet. You must hurry, get in and get out as quick as you can, and preferably with some dough. If you’re spotted, you would have to face Giuseppe, and well – we know what is going to happen there. If you escape, you are set for life. Good Luck!

This room involves an element of AR (Augmented Reality) technology via an iPad use.

60 minutes