Cryptic Escape

New Room Theme Change !!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all.  Just a note to let you all know we are postponing the build of our Steampunk Explorer room.

HOWEVER, we have started the build of our new HAUNTED theme room which we hope to have complete in the next few months.

We have chosen a haunted theme as they are very rare worldwide.  Last year, time was spent travelling the U.S. and Europe playing escape games and gathering ideas, yet only 2 we found, were what we could class as scary.   This is what we are aiming for, to deliver an amazing and scary escape room 🙂  It’s a great combination – trying to use your brain and concentrate whilst worrying what may be lurking round the corner 🙂

That’s it. Just a spoiler for now, but we will keep you up to date on our progress.

Cryptic Escape Team