Cryptic Escape

WE ARE REOPENING – 18th July 2020

Hi all

We are reopening on 18th July and are ready to welcome you back safely.

Your Health and Safety is a top priority for us! Therefore we have implemented additional safety measures to ensure to our best capability, that we provide the cleanest and safest environment for everyone while enjoying our escape games.

Teams must be from a maximum of two households/bubbles.

Currently, for enhanced safety for all personnel and to aid the cleaning processes, we require our players to wear a face covering throughout the entire visit and course of the game. In case somebody arrives without a mask, we can supply them from our stock for a small fee of £1 and any profits will be donated to local charity.

To assist NHS Test and Trace we have been asked to keep a temporary record of our visitors for 21 days.

Teams are to gather outside the building, socially distancing from each other, and will be called in 10 mins prior to your game start time. Please ensure you are at the venue at your designated time, as lateness may lead to shorter time in the room, as we require the full cleaning time which takes priority prior to the next game. If arriving early, please wait outside until you are called at your time, again as we will be using full designated time for cleaning. There are individual reception areas for each game, so teams will not need to be in close contact to each other.

As we only have one toilet for staff use, these will be closed for customer use, as we do not have the resource to clean these after every customer use. Please try and use alternative facilities prior to your arrival. For Tombland, there may be public toilets open across the road at the Cathedral. For Rose Lane, you can use the toilets on ground floor of the car park.

Please use the hand sanitizers on entering the building, and before and after the game, which are positioned at each entrance / exit. Gloves are not permitted to bring in the rooms due to cleanliness, we can however provide gloves at the venue if required, but we champion hand cleaning over the use of gloves.

Our staff will be distancing themselves from our guests by at least 1m at all times, as well as wearing face coverings when necessary. They have access to PPE equipment and hand sanitiser around the premises in order to work ensuring the safety of all customers and staff.

Touch points in games rooms, briefing rooms and common areas are sanitised with a medical grade anti-viral cleaner between every group of players. This also includes all props, padlocks, handles, surfaces etc. etc. Any hard to reach surfaces/items are cleaned with an anti-viral aerosol cleaner so that every single surface is sanitised.

All rooms have been slightly adapted to remove most unnecessary items not required in the game, to aid minimum contact. Also, most rooms have spare props which are rotated and replaced each game whilst undergoing cleaning. There are also other items, without giving anything away, are replaced fresh/clean for each game.

Where practical, windows and doors are opened between games along with the use of some air purifiers to aid ventilation.

Should anyone display ANY known Covid symptoms – a persistent cough, high temperature or a loss of taste/smell, then they will not be permitted entry into the building or allowed to play. If anyone displays these symptoms and you need to cancel, please email us and we will action according to our relaxed Ts and Cs as per below. Please notify us beforehand, as a no-show will fall under our normal Ts and Cs.

Our temporary cancellation policy now in force is as follows-

For cancellations with more than 48hrs notice, we can offer you a free reschedule by way of a full value voucher valid for 12 months from issue.

For cancellations, within 48hrs of game time, we can offer a reschedule which incurs a small fee of £15. This will be by way of a voucher valid for 12 months, for your original value less the £15 fee. The fee is charged to cover the staffing costs allocated and incurred to cover your game, as the staffing rota will currently be being prepared 48 hours in advance.

This is much relaxed from our normal Ts and Cs requiring 7 days notice, and higher fees. This is a temporary adjustment to our Ts and Cs for cancellations, and all other Ts and Cs remain as normal. We will review and reinstate our normal Ts and Cs in the future when appropriate to do so.

With all these safety measures in place, we consider our escape rooms to be safe and fun, as long as you follow the guidelines within.

We may review this policy as the situation develops in line with government advice and guidance set out by Public Health England to ensure your safety.

In case you would like to get any further information or details on safety and hygiene please contact