Cryptic Escape

About Cryptic Escape Norwich

Try Your Hand at Cryptic Escape, Norwich Style

One of the top Norwich attractions for those who like a little mystery in their lives.

Forget computer games and smartphone puzzles, if you want a real time brain teaser, head to the live escape room in Norwich. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find your way out of a locked room using all your skill and ingenuity, along the way solving and deciphering a host of clues and puzzles.

It’s the live escape attraction in Norfolk that gives people of all ages a real challenge. Can you escape under 60 minutes and will you and your friends be able to solve all the clues and break the current records?

Are you cleverer than your mates? Can you outwit a child prodigy? Have you got the nerve to enter the escape room Norfolk residents are calling the most fiendishly difficult live cryptic puzzle on the planet?

It’s certainly one of the most unusual attractions that Norwich has to offer.

Three Live Escape Rooms: One Challenge

We will have three rooms that are themed and designed to test your skills of deduction and out of the box thinking. Our up and running room, The Lab of Dr Lev Pasted challenges you to find a secret blood serum. Then coming soon there’s the chance to find the Treasure of Green Beard if you think you are up to it. Following late Spring, the Steampunk Explorer has you looking for a mystical relic. Live escape is a great way to have some fun, test those grey cells and see if you can hold your nerve.

  • Solve puzzles.
  • Break Codes.
  • Search for hidden objects.

And all working as a team. The live escape rooms in Norwich are designed to be played by 2-5 people and involve being put into a locked room for up to 60 minutes. The clock is ticking and you have to solve all the riddles to get out again. The tension begins to rise as your time starts to run out and the puzzles just keep on coming. Solve them all to open the door in time.

Take a look at the times people have taken in recent weeks on our Facebook page (by the way, before you ask, the times are how many seconds were left on the clock, not how long it actually took them). You can see why the word is getting round and why so many people are competing to get the best time, or even just to get out 🙂 Also, check out our reviews on TripAdvisor from those who have taken on the challenge.

Who Loves the Norwich Escape Room?

Our escape room in Norfolk attracts a wide range of people, from families on holiday to local puzzle nuts who want to try their hand at something different. There are kids and their mums and dad who want to be entertained and businesses who are looking for something more fun than your usual team building exercises. There are even a few geeks who are fed up waiting for virtual reality and want to try something for real.

In fact, the Cryptic Escape suits anyone from anywhere and we’ve had all sorts of people from around the world visiting and trying their hand at getting out and in good time. We definitely get some brave souls coming from abroad to try their luck – the great news is that all our puzzles and challenges can be easily understood whatever language you speak.

Our Tips for a Live Escape in Under 60 Minutes

You may think that you’re brain box of the year but working together is the name of the game here. Okay, someone might get a flash of inspiration and solve a trick here and there but it usually takes a mix of talents to solve the puzzles and escape. That’s why you need to choose your team carefully if you want to get out in a good time and compete with some of our best escape room Norwich winners.

  • Don’t panic, as Corporal Jones would say. It takes a clear head and focus to work through the maze of problems.
  • Think logically as well as outside the box (that’s why a good mix of mind skills is useful in your group).
  • Be aware that some people can see things that others can’t (and we don’t mean ghosts either) so make sure you all listen.

If you do get short on ideas and can’t bust one of the problems, then our team Norwich cryptic escape experts will be watching and will be able to give you some subtle hints which will show in the room. You may not want that of course, but if time is running out you might have no choice.

Augustine Steward House: The Perfect Location for an Escape Room

The location of the Cryptic Escape is in Augustine Steward House which is in Tombland (Scandinavian for open space not a place full of zombies) and perhaps one of the most photographed buildings in Norfolk. You can’t miss it and you won’t fail to be impressed.

Built in 1549 it is a prime example of Tudor architecture and is not only a great historical site but also home to some niche shops including the Cryptic Escape and Dotties Gifts and tea room next door. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon even if you don’t want to be challenged by a locked room and a bunch of strange puzzles.

Augustine Steward was a local merchant and thrice Lord Mayor, who was involved in the Kett Rebellion. The house has a few more interesting points – there are supposed to be secret passages that lead to the local church and cathedral and many say there is also a ghost, the spirit of woman who died in the plague of 1576 and is thought to roam the stairs at night.

For live escape Norfolk style, you can do no better than spend an hour at Tombland, pitting your wits against the room. Then you can talk over your exploits over a nice cup of tea or coffee at Dotties before you head out and enjoy the rest of your day.