Cryptic Escape

Accessibility Statement

Wheelchairs & Access Statement – Rose Lane, Norwich

Wheelchair users

By giving advance notice so we may prepare and allocate a dedicated member of staff to oversee your arrival, your stay, and if necessary, safe evacuation in event of an emergency - Wheelchair users can play our Magic School room, and the reception areas and WC are wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair users will need to be accompanied by an able person/carer to help with the elements of the games that are not achievable from a wheelchair position.

Door widths are such that they can accommodate wheelchairs.

The main entrance is on the third floor of Rose Lane multi storey car park accessible by elevator.

There is a 15cm step into the main front entrance of Cryptic Escape. A portable ramp is available which the Duty Supervisor is trained to use to allow access into the venue. Cryptic Escape staff must not push wheelchair users except in an emergency or when assisting with portable ramps with the permission of the wheelchair user and/or carer.

Maximum numbers

For various reasons, mainly to ensure staff can carry out a safe evacuation, but also including space limitations within some playing areas, there is a maximum number of 1 wheelchair user on site at any one time.

Playing the game

The main areas of the Magic School room are wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair users must move no faster than ‘walking pace’, for the same reasons that players must not run whilst playing. They must also exercise extra care when turning corners, again, for the same reasons that other players should. An able assistant will be required to complete some tasks/puzzles unsuitable for wheelchair users, such as height and reach issues.

In an emergency

If the building needs to be evacuated, it is the responsibility of the staff to ensure the safe evacuation of all wheelchair users.

Duty Supervisors must prioritise ensuring the ramp is in place and ready for the evacuation of wheelchair users from the premises. The lifts do not work during an evacuation, so wheelchair users must be led to the car park area and evacuated by the dedicated staff member. The Duty Supervisor must then carry on with the normal evacuation procedures.

All other staff must follow all normal procedures.

Toilet/wash-room facilities

There is an accessible bathroom on the first floor of the car park building for customer use. Cryptic Escape has also provided an accessible bathroom within its venue should customers need.

Customers with hearing difficulties

Cryptic Escape is playable by customers with hearing difficulties, but some of the puzzles/tasks are identified by sound, so assistance from a helper/carer would be necessary.

You will need to inform staff on your arrival so they, along with helper/carer can be prepared in case of an emergency, and ensure customer is never isolated.

Visually impaired customers

Due to the nature of the games, the puzzles and tasks are mainly all visual so is unfortunately may not be suitable dependant on the severity of the impairment. We would recommend that customers who are visually impaired, contact us before booking and maybe visit us so we can show them around, before making a decision on whether or not to play.

Should you decide to book, you will need to inform staff beforehand or on arrival, so in the event of an emergency, staff can ensure all customers are evacuated safely and make arrangements to help customers with any notably visual impairment.


Due to the nature of our games, customers are constantly monitored from entry into the venue, until they leave. Therefore, effectively never being left unattended so you have our full attention in providing a great experience, but also full attention in case of an emergency situation.