Cryptic Escape

The Haunted

The Haunted


Game Location

Augustine Steward House
14 Tombland


There is a house on Tombland, Norwich, where only the bravest or the most foolish deign to enter... and those that do never return. This place has a terrible secret, one which has long been only whispered of- in careful voices late at night, round the campfire, or where a safe, warm bed to hide in is only a moment away.

Long ago, in a time of death and plague, a little girl found herself all alone, trapped completely within what used to be her home. Her mother and father had already joined the angels- no such blessing was bestowed upon this unfortunate wretch. Sick with hunger and cold, terrified to see her own poor body rotting with malady around her, she discovered a nightmarish reality. Her anguished spirit, unable to pass peacefully to the other side.

It now falls to you and your team of intrepid Ghosthunters, to enter the domain of this tormented soul, and seek out the mysterious truth behind her eternal imprisonment. Perhaps, furnished with these secrets, you may find a way to exorcise and destroy the evil spirit once and for all. Or maybe, just maybe, you might be able to help this lost little girl find her way.

(This room is based on a true ghost story about the building. It is not suitable for players under the age of 14.)

60 minutes